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The MEDITERRANEAN CREAMY SOAP ARTHEZ was developed for any skin type in order to sanitize it without drying it. Formulated with oat extract is rich in emollients and moisturizers that promote a smooth hygiene, leaving the skin clean, silky, and soft with a refreshing scent with rosemary and cypress notes.

Suitable for cleansing the body and hands
- Formulated with oat extract, which is rich in peptides, trace elements and vitamins B Complex and vitamin E
- It has emollient action, nourishing, moisturizing, restorative fabrics, soothing and softening
- For being formulated based soft surface active, can be used in any type of skin
- Cleans with softness and depth, leaving the skin clean, smooth and naturally moisturized

HOW TO USE: Moisten skin and apply the Mediterranean Creamy Soap Arthez in soft movements until complete cleaning and rinse.

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