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Developed with extremely mild surfactants, the SHAMPOO FOR DAMAGED HAIR ARTHEZ is rich in emollients, keratin and silk amino acids and is indicated for hair that suffered aggressions of natural agents or treatments that altered their structure. THE REGULAR USE OF SHAMPOO FOR DAMAGED HAIR ARTHEZ INCREASES THE DURABILITY OF DYEING OR TONING OF HAIR.

Main Assets
Keratin: Keratin is a protein that surrounds the hairs with a protective film, making them more resistant and with more elasticity.
Silk Amino Acids: Amino acids of silk have great capacity for hydration, gives flexibility, shine, body and balance to the hair.

Indication: Shampoo for Damaged Hair Arthez is indicated for the care of dyed hair, hair that has undergone chemical treatment or aggressions that changed its structure.

How to Use: Apply the Shampoo for damaged hair Arthez on wet hair, massaging them with your fingertips until the formation of abundant foam and rinse. Repeat and pat them dry with soft towel. For best results regularly apply the Treatment Cream Capillary Arthez.

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