Company born of Manipulation Pharmacy dermatology department, Arthez was inaugurated in 1992 and has established itself as one of the most innovative in the cosmetics market.

Dedicating to the development of differentiated products was a pioneer in the creation of multi-functional cosmetics. With the advances in research and discovery of new inputs, was born a new area of dermatology: the dermocosmetics or cosmiatry. Much more than cosmetics, dermocosmetics create result products.

The brand is innovation in every product, to be developed undergoes comprehensive and rigorous testing before being launched on the market. Each cosmetic Arthez is in line with what is the best in world cosmetics with a unique feature: each product is developed and adapted to the Brazilian skin and our climate. Any Arthez product is tested on animals.

In addition to the confidence of its consumers, Arthez products also have the confidence of dermatologists, who found in these products safe and effective option for care and protection of the skin.

The skin cosmetics Arthez are for sale in Exclusive Shop, multibrand stores and the internet.

Arthez Ind. e Com. de Cosméticos Ltda.
CNPJ 94.361.664/0001-20
Inscrição Estadual 072/0058333
Farmacêutica Responsável: Margit Saur Santos - CRF-RS 2784
Rua Bento Gonçalves, 747 - Centro - Fone: (+55 51) 3709 1362
Rua 24 de Outubro, 435 - Galeria Champs Elysées
Loja 14 - B. Moinhos de Vento - Fone: (+55 51) 3517 5521
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