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Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, emollients and regenerative, After Shave Gel Tarlati helps restore the skin after shaving, keeping it moisturized, protected and preventing against premature aging.

Assets and benefits:
Allantoin - Wetting the skin, renewing cell with antiaging action. Accelerates injured skin regeneration after shaving, has anti-irritant action and anti-itching.
Potassium glycyrrhizinate - Licorice derivative, potassium glycyrrhizinate is a potent antiallergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.
Chamomile Extract - Indicated for sensitive skin, chamomile has soothing action, healing, and because is rich in alpha-bisabolol and matricina has recognized anti-inflammatory action.
Arnica Extract - Rich in flavonoids, tannins, coumarin and arnicine, Arnica extract is a potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic. Improves circulation and accelerates the healing.
Oat Extract - Rich in vitamin B1 and B2, pantothenic acid, salicylic acid, beta-glucans, amino acids and avenic acid, oats protects, soothing and moisturizing deep, giving the skin softness and unsurpassed softness .
How to use: After shaving with Tarlati Shampoo Hair, Body and Beard, apply the After Shave Gel Tarlati in soft movements until completely absorbed.

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